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Techno Masterclass: Rinzen – ‘Torus’ Track Breakdown

In this track breakdown, Mau5trap signee Rinzen delves into exactly how he processes his sounds and gets his mixes sounding so tight. Learn more about our online courses ::
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5 Essential New Rules Of Learning To DJ

5 Essential New Rules Of Learning To DJ #TuesdayTipsLive DJing has changed immensely – there’s new rules and this means you’ll have to do things differently if you want to succeed. Whether you’re new to DJing or just coming back to it, you’ll find something in here that’ll help. In this week’s Tuesday Tips Live,

Charlotte de Witte: Keynote Interview with Pete Tong

Charlotte de Witte has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the past few years, solidifying her name as one of the best new artists in the techno community. The DJ and producer will be interviewed by IMS co-founder Pete Tong to discuss her journey so far.

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What Is HOUSE? | Mixmag Originals

We sent our man Funster to Chicago for the Red Bull Music Festival to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gramaphone Records. The question we all need the answer to though? What is house?

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‘Assurance’ reveals the obstacles that female DJs face, both on and beyond the dancefloor, but also elucidates their defiant navigation of these issues as they pursue their career ambitions and right to fulfilment.
The documentary was birthed out of British-Nigerian DJ Juba’s pursuit for new perspectives in the gender debate. This curiosity led her to

DJ Phantasy’s tips to succeed in the Music Industry

‘Three Generations Deep’ is the personal story of Stephen Hannon aka DJ Phantasy, a figure who’s been dedicated to UK dance music culture for the past 30 years. Hannon takes you through his life so far: growing up on a west London estate, running with the Chelsea Headhunters, brushes with the law at illegal raves

GHB: The Party Drug Killing Ravers

GHB can make you happy and horny with no comedown but a millilitre too much can put you in a coma, or be fatal. And whilst you’re more likely to have heard about GHB in the context of the chemsex scene, or its abuse as a date rape drug, there’s a lack of reporting about


The ARTery is the on-playa home of the Burning Man Art Team, and as such the volunteer team is called the ARTerians. The ARTery is the check-in and service center for artists as well as a hub of information about Burning Man art.
ARTerians perform a variety of tasks on playa including checking in artists,


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