Top Ten Festival Fvck Ups

When Fyre festival’s Billy McFarland promoted a ‘transformative experience,’ we bet he never guessed it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now that he’s serving six years in prison for fraud and facing the wrath of privileged white kid’s parents, we’re betting he’s going through some serious transformations of a personal nature.
Don’t worry Billy, plenty

‘I have to give my everything to music because music has given me everything’ Jossie…

It’s hard to find a more affable producer doing the international rounds than Mexican, Jossie Telch.
When we first met at a dusty outback festival on a previous tour, his pre-performance nerves were obvious. Sprawled on a standard-issue festival backstage white plastic chair, his right leg incessantly pumped an invisible kick pedal to disperse anxious


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