Rainbow Serpent Delayed Again

Spare a thought for the embattled Rainbow Serpent Festival organisers who have cancelled their rescheduled Regen event set to take place over Easter.
It’s the second time organisers have had to delay after a bushfire devastated the festival site in December forcing the postponement of the traditional January party. All ticket holders will be automatically

Subsonic Festival Delayed Again

The 2019/20 Summer  season has been disastrous for Australian promoters and it seems the festival devil has claimed another soul.
Subsonic Festival, which was set to celebrate its tenth anniversary on the first weekend of December, was forced to cancel at the last minute due to bushfires. Instead, they organised multiple nightclub events around Sydney

Top Ten Festival Fvck Ups

When Fyre festival’s Billy McFarland promoted a ‘transformative experience,’ we bet he never guessed it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now that he’s serving six years in prison for fraud and facing the wrath of privileged white kid’s parents, we’re betting he’s going through some serious transformations of a personal nature.
Don’t worry Billy, plenty


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