Subsonic Festival Delayed Again

The 2019/20 Summer  season has been disastrous for Australian promoters and it seems the festival devil has claimed another soul.
Subsonic Festival, which was set to celebrate its tenth anniversary on the first weekend of December, was forced to cancel at the last minute due to bushfires. Instead, they organised multiple nightclub events around Sydney

Top Ten Festival Fvck Ups

When Fyre festival’s Billy McFarland promoted a ‘transformative experience,’ we bet he never guessed it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now that he’s serving six years in prison for fraud and facing the wrath of privileged white kid’s parents, we’re betting he’s going through some serious transformations of a personal nature.
Don’t worry Billy, plenty

The Impending Infusion Reunion

Infusion were the first Australian electronic act to break through and become an international sensation. At the height of their fame, they were playing three shows in different countries on consecutive nights, receiving the music industry’s highest awards and playing on the biggest stages in the world.
From Glastonbury to Coachella and, back at home,

It’s all About the Chi in Wow Wah Town

Chi Wow Wah Town is not your average weekend away with friends and 30,000 watts of immaculately curated sound.
It’s an intentional community where residents are encouraged to express their true selves, heal and grow together and leave feeling balanced and refreshed, rather than rinsed, at the end of a fun weekend according to founder


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