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Android Jones, Psychedelics and the Dawn of the Visionary Arts Movement [Interview]

Many in the arts community and beyond are familiar with the art of Andrew “Android” Jones, or they may have seen his mind-boggling animations on tour with Shpongle, Bassnectar, Tipper and other electronic leviathans. He’s credited with being one of the foremost pioneers and the most promising leader in multimedia psychedelic art today. Innovations like his SAMSKARA

Meet the psychedelic entities of Jean-Vincent Simonet

Wanderings through Tokyo nights, a rave in a forest, and countless mistakes eventually add up to emerge as Jean-Vincent Simonet’s captivating photographs, if you can still really call them that. Simonet is someone who lets his images speak for themselves, and you may have all kinds of preconceptions about his photographic reworks of reality. One thing

Premiere: Multidisciplinary Artist Howe Takes Us Down A Sonic Rabbit Hole With “Fallen”

Multidisciplinary artist, musician and videographer, Henry Howe is just about to release his debut EP, The Fallen, (due December via UK label Higglers) and today he’s sharing the title track.
Already an accomplished performance and video installation artist, Howe’s roots lie in in club culture and his art has always refelcted that, incorporating sounds that allude

The Underground Clubs and Cabarets That Shaped Modern Art

Modern art responded to the intricacies of new life after the Industrial Revolution. Artists sought not just to commune with one another, but to invigorate their senses; many did this not just as patrons, but as performers and designers, too. At the time, the newness of these spaces made them creatively lawless. While today, we

Seven Contemporary Japanese Artists Who Emerged from Tokyo’s Underground Scene

Keiichi Tanaami creates busy, vibrant worlds filled with comic book imagery, women, and lots of eyes. Cartoonish, nude figures—often reminiscent of pin-ups and Betty Boop—appear alongside explosions and block-lettered exclamations: for example, “BOOM!” or “WHRUMP!” Lust and violence, sex and death, are yet again side by side. Tanaami’s paintings, prints, sculptures, and works on paper


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