Tim Healey Talks Painting With Sound For New EP

An interview about music, life and Paris Hilton's beginning as a DJ

Since Tim Healey burst onto the scene more than two decades ago, he’s set the standard for captivating performances as an artist who takes global audiences on unexpected, euphoric journeys and as a musical tastemaker par extraordinaire.


Over the course of his career, he’s spanned genres from psytrance to breakbeat, progressive to goa and house to techno.  Widely credited for inventing electro house as one half of the duo Coburn, he’s influenced the very evolution of electronic music with his collaborations in no less than 23 different electronic acts in addition to his renown as an individual.


In his latest collaboration, Bennun & Healey, Tim teams up with OOOD’s Colin Bennun to release their second EP on the Iboagtech label. Featuring three tracks, Ishtar, Boom for Real and Beacon, this EP could be the metaphoric love child of groovy psychedelia and funky techno. Exquisitely produced and primed to demolish dancefloors, it features what could possibly be the longest, biggest and most powerful crescendo we’ve ever heard. 

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