The Maitreya Festival Chronicles Part Two: “You’ll Forgive Me When You’re On The Dancefloor Again”

Part two of three interviews with promoter, Lachlan Bell

Life submerged in the underground scene in Australia can be a lot like living on the San Andreas faultline; when there hasn’t been a huge shake up for a while, an uneasy apprehension lurks in the background of your every day. Deep down inside, you know the big one is coming.

The year was 2016 and too long had passed since the notorious Shpongle dilemma. The Oztrance battlefields were a fond, distant memory replaced by Facebook and its seemingly never ending supply of trolls prepared to lynch any promoter who, Buddha forbid, managed to fuck things up.

Enter Lachlan Bell…

@peepso_user_583(Lisa Sommerlad) Where is the transparency? Why haven’t you made any effort to refund my husband’s vendor fee? Its not forgiveness that is the transaction here Lachlan...its a monetary debt that you owe. Don’t be deluded in feeling justified that we can afford to carry your failing because we can’t & we won’t. We are waiting for your personal response please.
@peepso_user_1280(LikeRoachs .) I, I, me, me, I, I, me, me.. lol what a bell end 😉
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@peepso_user_434(Andrw Waugh) Great interview

Look forward to part 3!
@peepso_user_500(Kage Gee)
I'm not sure yet... Festivals have been super important in my life, and a couple of those maitreya's were right up there for me.

I appreciate the risks promoters need to balance and agree with the principles talked about here - make it too hard for people to connect and share, and you're driving problems to deeper, darker places.

However, councils and governments are always trying to protect their reputations. The last thing anyone needs is public heat for being irresponsible. However bad the initial call was, they were never going to change their mind - umpires make bad calls we've got to accept all the time. So much money burnt on a direct moral challenge against authority with all the media attention right up to the event is my sticking point - I don't think the approach taken was "philosophically... the right thing to do". But we'll see what the future holds...

The remorse for letting people down seems… Read more
@peepso_user_951(JJ Scales) He tried to do a good thing but shit happens. I will be attending his next event for free in lieu.