The Cosmic Wizardry of Tetrameth: Review and Interview

Aussie Legend Spills on Life, Music and How Psychedelics Can Change the World

Tetrameth played a pivotal role in the creative revolution that imagined into being the dark progressive sound that defines the Australian underground around the world; zenonesque. Last week, he released his first solo track in six years. 

Cosmos, released on Stereo Society, is undeniably the melodic wizardry of Tetrameth. The ten-minute track includes profoundly mystic samples arranged within a composition that features seamlessly gentle changes in tempo to create a banger that is simultaneously both soothing and thumping. There is no question that when we’re all able to gather before a big rig with a few…

@peepso_user_8895(Kate Barnes) Great article about a prodigiously talented legend.
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@peepso_user_8895(Kate Barnes) Oh and it's a privillage to share the Tool religion with someone Sooooo RocknRoll... Still have come so far in my SC playlists
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