Getting Real With Grouch; a Rare Interview

We're feeling more than a tad privileged to interview Grouch ahead of his appearance for the upcoming Synthesis Digital Festival. The prince of progressive trance and, more recently,  dub with his live band does not, as a general rule, do media so we're grateful he agreed to have a chat about life with Half Wild.

The personality of Oscar Allison, aka Grouch, is reflected in the music that has taken him around the world to the scene’s biggest stages; profoundly deep, driven and devilishly cheeky. 

Oscar was born and raised on outdoor activities in the stunning environment of Nelson on New Zealand’s South Island, where his earliest memory is of sitting in his adventurous father’s backpack as a toddler on top of a mountain. Nelson became an epicentre of Kiwi outdoor festival culture after local travellers returned from England in the early 90s, bringing the rave scene with them.

Those travellers created legendary party, The Gathering, which Oscar first attended at age 16 after his parents finally relented…

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