A selection of engaging interviews with deep thinkers and influencers from the global electronic music community.

On Cue: Parris

On Cue is our flagship mix series, celebrating the pivotal DJs and producers whose influence has shaped the world of electronic music, both in their local scenes and beyond. This week, London’s Parris steps up with a mix of psychedelic techno and technicolor club sounds, and chats about  collaborations, dodging the pressure of constant self-promotion,

On Cue: Ross From Friends

It’s October 2019 and Ross From Friends is coming to the end of his four-date residency at South London stronghold, Phonox — the beating heart of Brixton’s electronic music scene, which has counted the likes of Jasper James and HAAi as some of its notable residents. The penultimate night includes a first for the DJ,

This 1991 interview with Andrew Weatherall illustrates the late producer’s understated musical mastery…

“I have no desire to be in the limelight, I’m a lot happier staying in the backroom, keeping myself to myself.”
In 1991, Melody Maker journalist Push interviewed ‘the most sought-after remixing whiz-kid of the Nineties’ – an individual who would go on to paint an unmatched musical tapestry over the coming three decades: Andrew Weatherall.

In Conversation: Boris Brejcha

Every now and then, a masked figure steps into the spotlight of electronic music and catches people’s attention with a combination of top-notch music, quality marketing, and most importantly of all, consistency, which in turn propels them to the top of the charts. Artists like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and today’s guest, Boris Brejcha. Although he

An Interview With Stefan Goldmann on His Berlin Philharmonie Techno Takeover

The term “electro-acoustic doesn’t limit your imagination the way ‘ambient’ or ‘experimental’ do,” states Stefan Goldmann. Working in between the dancefloor and high art institutions, the techno renaissance man toes the line between revering club music’s history and fearlessly pushing its forms into the future.
Goldmann is equally comfortable DJing and releasing his own productions

20 Questions With Underworld: The Dance Icons on ’90s Raves, EDM & Their Upcoming Tour

2020 marks 40 years of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith making music together. The duo started in the early ’80s as their experimental, new wave band Freur and eventually transformed into Underworld, the heady electronic outfit that emerged as one of the ’90s dance world’s most celebrated acts.
Hyde’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics and charismatic live presence, combined with Smith’s amalgamation


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