‘I have to give my everything to music because music has given me everything’ Jossie Telch

In a very personal conversation, the Mexican Maestro spills on all things Telch, his love for Rainbow Serpent, growing up Mexican and why he was once a very naughty boy indeed....

It’s hard to find a more affable producer doing the international rounds than Mexican, Jossie Telch.

When we first met at a dusty outback festival on a previous tour, his pre-performance nerves were obvious. Sprawled on a standard-issue festival backstage white plastic chair, his right leg incessantly pumped an invisible kick pedal to disperse anxious energy. Hands shaking ever so slightly while chain-smoking and his demeanour quiet, he was still quick with a smile and hug emanating such warmth it was like greeting an old friend.

Those nerves converted to a powerful performance for thousands kicking up a dust cloud so thick you could barely discern faces in the crowd. Such is the raw energy of a Jossie Telch live set featuring driving basslines punctuated with crisp melodic layers taking dancers on a journey through the highs…

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