Rainbow Serpent Festival will return in April

After bushfires forced festival organisers to postpone this year’s Rainbow Serpent Festival, the event will make its triumphant return this Easter.
As a result of bushfire damage to the festival’s Lexton site and safety concerns, the Rainbow Serpent crew made alternate plans for this year’s festival. Having operated over the January long weekend for 22

Would you Ban All Phones on the Dancefloor?

It’s commonly understood that phone use at live events is a big problem. High-profile DJs have been talking about the issue since at least 2015. And both Annie Mac and The Warehouse Project founder Sacha Lord publicly railed against over-filming earlier this year, saying, in essence, that it kills the vibe. A host of think-pieces

Berlin clubs seek recognition as cultural institutions in parliament presentation

Clubs in Berlin are fighting to gain the same cultural recognition as opera houses, concert halls and theatres.
They are classified currently as “entertainment venues” alongside brothels and casinos, but seek the legal status that would protect them from gentrification in the German capital.
On Wednesday (12th February) a group dedicated to protecting the capital’s nightlife

Trancentral weekly new Psytrance releases 15/02/2020

Welcome back to our weekly new Psytrance releases !
Dacru Records released a new EP from The Freak Show & Octagon titled “Earth”
BMSS Records released a new EP from UNI, The Papuna & Dopamine , titled “Keiseihouou”
Digital Om Productions published a new EP from Alienatic titled “Clone Island” …..

These beats were

Chill Space Top Tracks January 2020

We’ve collected our favourite Chill tracks released in January 2020 into one incredible playlist featuring Dubnotic, Emancipator, a track from S-Range & ARKAMENA’s brilliant psychill concept album “I Am | The Computer | The Program | The Game”, a pair of debut releases from Mexican project Future Opioids and Croatian duo Babilu, a delightful surprise

The Secret DJ on what makes a good DJ great

I am not a superior being. I’ve just been DJing an absurdly long time. That is all. And when you’ve been doing it a long time there are some things you spot in other DJs that perhaps others do not. Good things. Things that shout ‘professional’. They’re often subtle. Small, even. But short of sniffing each

In Conversation: Boris Brejcha

Every now and then, a masked figure steps into the spotlight of electronic music and catches people’s attention with a combination of top-notch music, quality marketing, and most importantly of all, consistency, which in turn propels them to the top of the charts. Artists like Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and today’s guest, Boris Brejcha. Although he


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