You and I are made of Star Dust

Fri, 14th Feb at 9 PM – Sat, 15th Feb at 4 AM
RUBIX Warehouse Melbourne

💫✨💫You and I are made of Star Dust💫✨💫

And so…
Through faint echo’s detected from across the cosmos…
Long foretold in myth and legend…

They came back…
They were always coming back..

The ‘Soulquest Collective’ returns to bring you this astronomical event…


Brace yourself for a gravity shift as Vibemaster counts down to the launch of his first solo release:
“The Dust Collection.”
💫 ✨💫
A journey through space and time; tilting axes and morphing musical boundaries, drawing in elements of disco, breaks, dub tech and progressive house, orbiting around a solid core of deep groove and cosmic funk.

A prodigious talent, Vibemaster has been DJing and producing for over 15 years. This release is the culmination of his skill and years of experience in the dance music scene.

🖤♃♄♅⚯♃♄♅ ⚭☉♃♄♅⚯♃♄♅ ⚭☉🖤

The album incorporates a slew of artists from Melbourne and beyond, performing live on stage with Vibemaster.

■ Horns of Navarone (The Vibraphonic Orkestra)
■ The SugarFed Leopards
■ Tek Tek Ensemble
■ Louise Terra
■ Rachel By the Stream
■ Linh Ha For Now (Tiny Giant)
■ Bonanza Jellybean

“Vibemaster is a massive remote celestial object, emitting exceptionally large amounts of energy. An extremely luminous galactic nucleus containing a supermassive black hole surrounded by a gaseous accretion disk, and may represent a stage in the evolution of some galaxies.” –
Love child of Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson

This inter-stellar night also features:

■ Tiny Giant (Vietnam)

Tiny Giant is a Hanoi-based live music duo featuring the deep vocal musings of LinhHafornow (@linhhafornow) and the electronic sounds of tomes (@tomesmusic). Their music combines live beat production and layers of vocal looping. Through digital manipulation of organic elements, the band blend traditional tonality with contemporary sonic environments. With every show they aim to conjure a spectrum of emotions, leading listeners on an audiovisual journey through new and hypnotic states.

The duo formed in summer 2018 and has toured internationally in Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Europe, with upcoming dates in Australia in early 2020. Their music has been featured on Bandcamp Weekly, Triple J Radio and DSTRACKD.


■ Digital Afrika

From Lagos to New York, DIGITAL AFRIKA is pushing the frontiers of dance floor orientated Afro House.

Their 2018 debut vinyl EP ‘Dark Matter’ released on Wonderwheel NYC is the productive powers of Future Roots and Si Fixion and Afro-Colombian Dancer Karen Bravo Garcia.

Incorporating live instrumentation, MPC sequencers, African percussion,Digital/Analog production and dance. Digital Afrika has meet with critical acclaim from international taste makers;
DJ Nicodemus (wonderwheel records) , Giles Peterson (BBC1, Brownswood Records ) Carl Cox (Awesomesoundwaves). Digital Afrika’s “Dark Matter” E.P is scheduled for a worldwide release through Wonderwheel Records (NYC) early 2019.

This Trio’s live show is an original and dynamic synergy of digital sequencers with high energy African percussion, instrumentation and traditional dance. Digital Afrika’s sound is a dance floor stimulator for any corner of the globe.


GMJ aka Dj Gavin Martin from Melbourne Australia has been a prominent figure in the underground electronic dance music scene for near on two decades, in that time forging a successful career as Dj, event organiser and producer.

Having played all over the world at multiple electronic music festivals & club events, supporting some of the worlds leading names in underground deep house and progressive, it was a natural evolution that Gavin would bring his passion for deep
hypnotic soundscapes & grooves into the studio setting.
In 2007 the GMJ project was born, since releasing on iconic imprints including VAPOUR, PARTICLES, BAROQUE, BALKAN CONNECTION, TEMPORUM MUSIC, SYSTEM RECORDINGS, STRIPPED, OPEN & many more.

With an innate passion for spatial atmospherics & deep rhythms, the GMJ sound has been received & supported by luminary artists such as Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seamen, John Digweed, Dousk, Eelke Klein & Kasey Taylor amongst others.
As an outward reflection of inner states, with an ear on forward thinking sonics, the GMJ project is constantly evolving into the new.


■ Dan Woodford

Dan Woodford plays tech and progressive house wherever they let him. As a core collaborator in Coco Poco Loco that’s often on top of a glowing art car or a tent transformed into a heaving bar. Mostly in fancy dress.

He’s played at warehouses, clubs and parties in Melbourne, London and Bali plus festivals, such as Rainbow Serpent, Maitreya, and Soulquest. Dan’s helped bring Coco Poco Loco’s energy and magic parties to Burning Man, Australian Eclipse, Burning Seed, RSF, Shine On and more.

Dan loves music that keeps you dancing through engaging bass, intelligent melody, a dash of cheese and a cheeky grin.


■ Dj’s Bonanza Jellybean & JessCat


Prepare for Take Off:
Friday Feb 14th
Rubix Warehouse,
Phoenix st, Brunswick.