Permaculture Retreat at Earth Frequency 2020

Mon, 10th Feb at 9 AM – Fri, 14th Feb at 2 PM

Earth Frequency is proud to once again partner with Grounded Permaculture Action Party Inc. and Peak Organics at Ivory’s Rock to offer our 4th Permaculture Retreat as part of the 2020 Festival.

Our Permaculture Retreat gives a small group of participants a solid grounding in a broad range of regenerative topics based on projects happening on site.

It is designed for those who are ready to take action and gain the practical knowledge and skills required to sink roots deep into radical self determination and productive land regeneration.

The five day program will cover:

– Permaculture Ethics, Principles & Techniques
– Certified Organic & Biodynamic Farming
– Cultivating Group Ecology
– Natural Sequence Farming (Leaky Weirs)
– Syntropic Orchard Planning, Design & Maintenance
– Holistic Bush Regeneration
– Daily Mindful Movement Meditation Guided Practice

The retreat will run from Lunch time Monday 10th to Lunch time Friday 14th of February 2020.

Tickets are on sale now for $600, which covers workshops, camping and all meals from Grounded’s organic plant based kitchen during the retreat.

Ticket numbers for this are extremely limited (12 max) so get in quick!

Tickets for the retreat can be purchased as an add-on product from the main Earth Frequency ticketing page, and you will also need to purchase a festival ticket (unless you are already working or volunteering for the festival).

Participants that sign up to the retreat get first preference in joining one of Grounded’s Volunteer Teams for the festival. This is a great opportunity to save some dollars and connect deeper with the Grounded crew and festival. If you would like to follow up on this opportunity please send a message directly to Grounded Permaculture Action Party.
Rupert Faust- Permaculture Ethics Principles & Techniques

A self-confessed jack of all trades and master of nothing but his curiosity, Rupert is as good with his hands as he is with his head. An Environmental Engineer, Permaculture Designer, Dancefloor Activator, Mother Earth Worshiper and all round producer, Rupert is a specialist in high level conceptual planning and connecting seemingly abstract dots to fuse together the worlds of technical design and creative imagination.

Rupert is the founder of Beanstalk Records and Grounded Permaculture Action Party Inc. His session will cover the introduction class of Permaculture Ethics, Principles & Techniques.

Anita Greenwood – Certified Organic & Biodynamic Farming
As the farm and volunteer manager at Peak Organics, Anita enjoys getting dirt under her fingernails while producing organic food for herself and local community.

During Anita’s session on the farm, participants will have the opportunity to get on the ground knowledge and experience of what it takes to run a certified organic (and biodynamic in transition) farm in harsh conditions with essentially 100% volunteer labour. Anita’s session will also include a hands on component making biodynamic compost.

Brendan Taylor – Plant and Soil Health
Brendan is the Production Manager at Green Cauldron Farm, an organic permaculture market garden based in Tyalgum NSW. Spending the last few years delving into the mechanics of soil and plants Brendan has acquired an adept knowledge of growing food. Couple this with managing market gardens over the last 4 years and observing the growth habits he has a vast array of knowledge to share.

Ever wondered “Why is this happening in my garden?” Brendan will take you on an interactive tour of the gardens in Peaks Crossing to delve into soil, microbes, plants, pests, diseases, and all things growing food. With a wealth of knowledge and experience you’ll be able to find out what to look for, how to improve your current practices and get the most out your garden. Feel empowered with knowledge and the ability to grow your own food.

Erin Young – Social Permaculture: Self, Kin & Community
Erin Young helps purpose-led people and enterprise activate group intelligence to turn inspiration into positive impact. Collaborative decision-making and governance tools (Sociocracy) and holistic design for people systems (Social Permaculture) are her primary frameworks; all nature-inspired and informed.

Social Permaculture is a nature-informed regenerative design for social systems; with particular focus on people care. Applying to self, kin and community, its scope includes personal growth, community, finance, business, health, art & culture, education, events, media and justice.

In this participatory workshop, a spectrum of effective tools and techniques for designing and practicing Social Permaculture are shared. Topics covered include regenerative culture, dynamic groups, seasons and cycles, collaborative leadership, invisible structures and earth connection. Participants will gather practices to integrate into their lives, celebrating nature’s abundance by supporting people care for a better world.

Ross Higgins – Leaky Weirs (Natural Sequence Farming)
Learn about the simple yet progressive technique of Leaky Weirs (a technique of Natural Sequence Farming), transforming damaged landscapes around Australia.

Leaky Weirs help eroded gullies become thriving waterways by maintaining conditions that help retain water and reestablish vegetation and broader ecologies.

Site caretaker Ross Higgins has been ninja landscaping the eroded gullies of the Ivory’s Rock site with leaky weirs for a number of years. During his workshop, he will introduce participants to the technique, take them on a tour of the property to see them in action and if conditions are right, plant more seedlings in them!

Thiago Gimenez Barbosa – Syntropic Farming
Syntropic Farming follows the understandings and theories of Ernst Gotsch, a Swiss/Brazilian plant biologist that has over 30 years’ experience in reading forests to design regenerative systems. Over many decades of observation and practice, Ernst Gotsch has formulated agricultural systems based on natural succession, creating ecosystems with similar structures, functions and dynamics to natural and localized biomes. Syntropic Farming fosters positive energetic yields resulting in abundant systems and high-quality harvest. The system is applicable to both small and large-scale farming and is able to support micro and macro-organisms while ensuring the health of the greater organism – Planet Earth.

Thiago is a Syntropic farming pioneer in Australia who is helping to spread the knowledge of this unique farming system and teaching farmers and backyard gardeners to apply the principles in different regions and climates around Australia and the world. Thiago grew up growing food with his grandparents in the countryside of Brazil. He fell in love with the principles of Syntropic Farming and over the last few years has been visiting and learning from Ernst Götsch and other teacher-farmers across Brazil to improve his knowledge and skills. He facilitates workshops throughout different regions and climates in Australia and helps farmers transition from conventional to regenerative practices using Syntropic Farming principles.

Bushtekniq – Holistic Bush Care
We are tali & jono, a sister-brother duo committed to assisting natural bush regeneration, using ethical perspective & holistic technique. Based on Brisbane’s northside, we have worked for over a decade as bush regenerators throughout the region and beyond – in coastal dunes, wetlands, creek systems, paddock, scrub and lush forest. Along the way we love to share our learnings and inspire others to care for country.

Holistic bushcare considers all parts of our natural systems including cultural heritage, human disturbance, the role of weeds and what it means to be earth custodians and carers of our natural surrounds. Workshop participants will have space to reconnect with themselves, their community and the whole life-supporting system we depend on. Learn about the ‘tools n tekniqs’ of the holistic bush regenerator and what to do in any particular natural environment to help tip the balance toward healthy bushland. We will get busy with plants, discover secrets of the bush and have a lot of fun as we go!

Holistic bush regeneration is about learning from earth, learning with each other & getting active for a healthier, more resilient planet: relearn, regenerate, reconnect..

Fleur-desiree Wagner – Daily Mindful Movement Meditation
A multi-dimensional ‘In-Light-Ining’ journey of the Mind, Body and Spirit. Healing, activating and aligning the energies within your body temple. Deepening your connection to self and to all that is. To heal the land, we need to heal our self. During these morning sessions participants will experience;

– Blending of Holistic and Natural Energy-Based Therapies.
– Breath-work, Energy Flow, Multi-forms of Yoga, basic QiGong
– Free-styling and fusing all of these practices with the elements of Mother Nature’s song
– Shifting through the Known and stepping into the Unknown.

In-Light-In the shadow, stretch the Mind, open the Body and dive deep into Consciousness