Burning Seed Friday Burn : 2020 Design EOI

Fri, 20th Mar at 9 AM – Fri, 27th Mar at 6 AM

You are invited to submit a concept design for the 2020 Friday Burn!

The Brief: Develop a concept design for the 2020 Friday burn. This is an incubation space to explore burnable art, so do not fear if you aqre first timer. Design something on the larger side, design something on the smaller side, just make sure your enjoy the process of designing a beautiful structure that will be on display until Friday 25th September, 2020. On the Friday your will be able to inhabit the exhilerating space of watching your structure transform under fire.

Do you need builders certification of a build crew backing you? No. We do ask you get your design once-overed by a builder and structural engineer and give us the low down on feasibility, but right now we just want your beautiful brain churning our the ideas.

Your concept design should reflect the exploratory nature of art and engage viewers most most of all, it should ignore the imagination (weaving together with the Ten Principles and the 2020 Event Theme:Tipping Point, of course).

The deadline for concept design submissions is 8 p.m. on March 27th 2020.


Applications are open NOW and close March 27th. This event is placed in the final week as a reminder.



The Friday Burn design submissions will be reviewed by the AGSC for aesthetic, safety and excitability. It will also undergo feasibility and structural checks, so please help us out with a little pre-work on your side,

Applications are made via the Google form found here: https://forms.gle/nqnYiJyhtVRdbHLv7.

Three designs will be shortlisted and invited to submit detailed designs, with artists notified on April 2nd.

Those artists not shortlisted will be invited to submit to the Large Art Grant selection process (as non-burnable art).