How Web 3.0 Will Transform The Entertainment Industry

Since its inception, the internet has passed through various phases. Half Wild foudner Sebastian Wild takes a closer look at the next wave of innovation and how digital industries are evolving and coverging.

There’s a struggle going on for control of the internet. It’s between large corporations, who currently manage the bulk of traffic and

Hal Wild Purpose Statement

Half Wild Marketplace Opens To Vendors

With the unfolding COVID-19 crisis putting our creative industries at risk, we are accelerating the onboarding of vendors to our recently completed marketplace.
Applications are now open to Etsy and Shopify merchants looking to extend their reach across multiple sales channels.


For the past three years, our team has been hard

PwC Media Outlook: Convergence, Connections & Trust

Every year the global reporting giant PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) produces an in-depth and compelling report on the state of global media and entertainment. The following highlights were taken from the recent 2018-2022 report where three key themes emerged, convergence, connections & trust.

What’s trending now? It’s clear we’re in a rapidly evolving media ecosystem that’s experiencing

Digital Democracy Will Face Its Greatest Test In 2020

The following article originally appeared on The Guardian. We draw attention to it to highlight how drastically both the digital landscape and public opinion has shifted in relation to these tech giants.

After a decade of shallow proclamations of their democratic potential, it’s clear that Facebook, Twitter and Google are major threats to democracy


Investor Axel Bard Bringéus On Scalable Marketplaces

Axel Bard Bringéus ran the global markets team at Spotify for seven years before becoming an operating partner at EQT Ventures. He thinks the next large-scale marketplaces will be built around small niches, regulated industries, and markets that have traditionally lacked transparency.
Axel Bard Bringéus finds large-scale marketplaces exciting because they can change the dynamics

Etsy's Unapologetic Push for Free Shipping

Etsy changed its search algorithm to prioritize free shipping above everything else, pushing some of the relevant results to functional invisibility. “Items [without free shipping] are not given first-page placement, even if our search algorithms might have previously ranked them higher,” said Rachel Glaser, CFO at Etsy.
In July, the company announced it would give

US E-Commerce Posts Fastest Growth in Seven Years

US e-commerce grew 17.3% in the third quarter, the fastest growth since the fourth quarter of 2011 more than seven years ago. Retailers generated $145.7 billion in online sales in the third quarter compared to $124.2 billion a year ago, according to the Department of Commerce.
Since the fourth quarter of 2011 – for thirty

What it means to lead with impact

We live in a time of deep distrust in institutions: Globally, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, only 47% of those surveyed said they trust the media to “do what is right;” 48% trust government, and slightly more than half trust nongovernmental organizations and businesses. Three-quarters of respondents, however, said they trust their employers to

PaulCamper’s community-building playbook for marketplaces

Take a page out of PaulCamper’s book and super-charge the community around your marketplace. In this interview, COO Julia Wadehn reveals the community-building tactics that helped PaulCamper solve the chicken-and-egg problem, build virality and word-of-mouth, scale customer support, and boost employee motivation.


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