Overdosed Podcast # 34 Anodyne by Circle & Phi

From Kalispell, United States,

please welcome Circle & Phi into the Mix!

Circle & Phi is a philosophy, a vision, a reminder that music belongs in community. Circle & Phi is an exploration, a journey propelled by a passion for chasing melodies, harmonies, and beats through the overlapping spheres of melodic techno, techno, and deep house.


01 Noraj Cue - You (Original Mix)

02 Budakid - No Strings Attached (Original Mix)

03 Enamour - Kenosis (Original Mix)

04 Roy Rosenfeld - Hypnose De La Rosa (Original Mix)

05 fran&co - The Frankfurt Berlin Express (Orig. Album Mix)

06 Martin Kremser - Never…